Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I want that post too!

Muhyiddin, Mat Sabu, and Mahathir apparently not wanting Anwar to be the 7th PM.  

Last week I was shown the above photo which was taken during a Malaysian political party convention. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so it is pointless for me to describe what the photo is about. The only thing I can say is at least three people in the front row were not holding the placards being held by the others. One is a former Deputy Prime Minister, the second a clown of sorts and the third a former Prime Minister.

The photo reminds of my experience many years ago. In fact, a few of those who were involved are already dead. A colleague of mine who were active in the trade union invited me to be active too, after discovering that I had few talents others did not. I was already warned to be aware of his real intentions, but I ignored them. We then ran our department's workers' trade union smoothly to the surprise of others, although I knew nothing about the trade union.

After a few years, I was suddenly called by another active trade unionist. He suggested that a few of us trade unionists make a visit to the state's Menteri Besar. The Menteri Besar was then also the President of the Local Authority where we worked. 

Then another trade unionist called me for the same purpose. The purpose of the visit is simple. I would lead a delegation of our department'a trade union to suggest to the Menteri Besar that my colleague is promoted. There was only one promoted post available then. 

Why me? Because the Menteri Besar was the assemblyman for my kampung and I was a registered voter there. I was a bit shocked by the suggestion. Suddenly I recalled the warnings given to me by others about my colleague's real intentions.

I replied to the suggestion that I would consider it. I was a bit annoyed of course that my colleague chose to use third parties to talk to me. Of course, my intelligence told my that the idea (of me leading a delegation to see the Menteri Besar) was his. The others (maybe I included) were too dumb to have the idea. Why did not he just blurt what he wanted to my face?

To make matters worse he kept giving the hint that he knew I had met his minions. He also got the cheek to ask me what was I going to do about it.

Then one of the minions called me again and asked again when are we going to see the Menteri Besar? Then I blurted something I had been keeping in my mind. I asked the minion did he think I was dumb and stupid like him? Because I wanted that post too.  

So the former Deputy Prime Minister, the clown and the former Prime Minister in the above photo did not hold the placards because each was thinking "I want that post (written on the placards) too".

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