Monday, February 9, 2015

When we became children again - Part 2

I'ts dinner and speeches time. We were treated by our Pahang counterparts. We were informed that the food for dinner and breakfast the day after were sponsored by one of them who was doing his Umrah in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

We had our dinner and breakfast here. This Chevrolet showroom is operated by one of us.

Talking about the old days while enjoying the food.

Standing and sitting.

Although the food was ready, they wanted to talk first.

As usual our Alumni Secretary was busy writing things.

Dato' Ghani, five years my senior, formerly Pahang State Secretary and now Presiden, Pahang Government Pensioners Association giving his welcome speech.

Now the turn of Fadhil Ahmad, our Alumni President giving his speech.

Dato' Ghani receiving souveniors from Fadhil Ahmad.

Still having time to play with the smart phone.

Enjoying the dinner and company.

With classmate Jamaluddin Aziz, who I first met in 1962.

Something I have been doing for years, a selfie.

This is Yahya Akasah of Pahang who created the school logo, something that does not change although the school had shifted three times.

Listening to the speeches.

To be continued.

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