Wednesday, February 18, 2015

When we became children again - Part 3

We went again to this place for our breakfast.

Talking like children while waiting for breakfast to be served. The bald brother in the orange shirt is Selvarajah of Kuantan, a rare Indian in a Malay dominated school.

While one half of the group went to play golf, the other half including me visited our friend Mat Saad Jusoh. He is at extreme right welcoming us.

Brother Mat Jusoh was supposed to be walking with a cane, but I did not see any cane today. He was four years my senior and we shared the same school dormitory in 1962. 

Here were us enjoying our second breakfast at brother Mat Saad's house.

The post is not complete without me in the pictures. This photo was taken by brother Mat Saad.

A group photo afterwards. This photo was taken by Nazir Md Shah, our Alumni Secretary.

We were on our way home. We made a pit stop here beside the Karak Highway.

This was what we stopped for, the Musang King durian. The Chinese seller said in the past only the Chinese stopped and ate his durians. But now the Malays are getting rich and ate his durians too. Tak apalah taukeh, kita satu Malaysia. 

Waiting for the 'king' to be served. 

Eating the Musang King. It was the first time I ate this 'king'. But my mother's durians in the kampung taste no worse.

Something I have been doing doing for years, a selfie.

We have reached our destination at Shah Alam. The bus then sent me, Salihodin and Muhamad to Bandar Bukit Mahkota and Seremban.

Until our next gathering, that's all folks.


Abdul Hamid Hussin said...

Beautiful....I agree with you when in this situation we're children again......endless pranks and kutuk mengutuk common during during the children days.....but no airs or show off....I do that with my friends as often as we can at any convenient locations......doa we have more of that bliss to come our way

Uncle said...

Tahniah bang kerana dapat berjumpa lagi setelah sekian lama. It is always good to see familiar faces again. Looked like everyone had a blast!