Saturday, November 15, 2008

Visit to the Old Palace at Seri Menanti

Seremban was the venue for the National Toilet Expo and Forum (NATEF) held at the Klana Resort on 11th to 13th November 2008. Most of my deparment's staff were busy. The few which were not included me. I was not given a task at all, thanks to my boss' goodwill. Just for a token he asked me to bring the forum members for a visit to the Old Palace at Seri Menanti, Kuala Pilah which is now turned into a Royal Museum. He knows that I like to travel so this job is perfect for me.

Before that we stopped to visit this toilet at the Tuanku Abdul Rahman Stadium at Paroi. This toilet was built in 2004 for the SUKMA games at the stadium.

I can't resist to take a photo of this chicken shit flower or bunga tahi ayam. Any knows why this flower is called such?

Now we have reached the Old Palace. This Palace was the residence of Tuanku Muhammad ibni Tuanku Antah. Tuanku Muhammad is the grandfather of our present Yang Di Pertuan Besar, Tuanku Jaafar. Is was built between 1902 and 1908 by two carpenters. Later this month the Palace will be exactly 100 years old. You can find further details aout this palace here
and here

Receptions first. The man with the tie is the Mayor of Kuching Selatan. Kuala Pilah cakes are real delicacies. I love the kuih kuaci.

Briefing by a Museum official. He said said this building is to be preserved by UNESCO because it is the tallest bulding in the world built without the use of nails.

View from the top floor. The late Tuanku Muhammad used to have the same view from here. There are rain clouds at the top left corner.

Another view.

On the way back we stopped at Ulu Bendul recreational park. Although it was a weekday there were visitors. I hope the authorities maintain this resort as it is. This one of the few natural beauties of Negeri Sembilan.

Happily playing in the water.
I am happy that the construction of the new Seremban - Kuala Pilah expressway does not affect this recreational park. If you pass along the old road from Seremban to Kuala Lumpur you can see that the construction of the Kajang - Seremban Highway is destroying the Galla Recreational Park at Bukit Mantin.

This clear water at Ulu Bendul is a tributary of the Muar River.

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Mshah said...

"NATEF' first time I am hearing it but congrat to organiser. Apart from making the facility more available the Malaysian public awareness on being more sivic minded when using such facilities must be encouraged. Re origin of 'bunga tahi ayam' my theory is (a) the pungent smell when you rubbed the leaf or flower. (b)Ayam play important role in spreading the plant through their shitting habit.
I have read somewhere that the plant also have some medical value.