Sunday, January 11, 2009

Small reunion at Nim's Little Island, Kajang

On the night of 9th January 2009 I was at a place called Nim's Little Island Cafe at Kg. Sungai Ramal Dalam, Kajang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. It was a reunion of my secondary school (Sekolah Datuk Abdul Razak or SDAR) students staying around Kajang and Bangi. The monthly reunion is also open to former students staying anywhere else. Since the Kajang - Seremban Highway (LEKAS) is now half completed I decided to join this reunion.

I started driving after my Isya' prayers. If the function is held during the day I would not mind riding my scooter. I joined LEKAS just before Mantin town. Very few cars were using LEKAS. On reaching the Kajang South interchange the toll was RM 2.80 charged from my Touch and Go Card using the Smartag. I turned north and joined joined Federal Route 1 for a few kilometers.

Then I joined the SILK Highway towards Putrajaya. I passed two toll booths and paid RM 1.00 each. Then I joined the Kg. Sungai Ramal Dalam road to the left of SILK. Less then a kilometer inside I turned left towards Jalan Teratai. After about 500 meters I saw the Nim' Little Island Cafe signboard and parked my car.

Nim's Little Island Cafe signboard.

I was greeted by old friend Muhammad Abdullah B of Melaka and straight away introduced to the cafe owner Saifudin, another former student. Photo taken by Dr. Khairun Nazar.

The unofficial Penghulu of our former students based at Kajang and Bangi came with his son. His name is also Muhammad Abdullah. I was the first person to greet him. Now he is about to greet his namesake. Photo by Dr. Khairun Nazar.

I took a picture of my own.

Penghulu had settled down.

Rosman came with Muhammad Abdullah B or Madolah.

Madolah, Abedib, Syed Nazim and Nik Khairudin.

Enjoying Nim's food while talking about old and present times.

Dato' Gen. (Retired) Rani brought along his wife. By now she must have known and tolerated her husband's moods when meeting old friends like these. Not my wife though.

In the blue shirt is Atak who is still on medical leave. But he could not resist the opportunity of meeting old friends like these.

Dr. Khairun Nazar walking around looking for good shots.

The surprise of the day. Dr. Rosli commonly known as Sli came all the way from Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He is in the red striped t-shirt.

Me in deep thought. I was thinking of what to write in my blog.

Dr. Nazir and Dr. Khairun Nazar. Nazir is the son of my classmate Md. Shah Bachik of Gemencheh, now residing in Tampin.

I left at around 12.05 midnight. This time I used the North - South Highway (PLUS). I exited at Nilai after paying RM 2.70 toll. Then I proceeded towards Pajam.
The guard manning the Pajam LEKAS toll booth was asleep. So I pushed my car horn and asked him whether I could go to Mantin. He answered 'To Mantin turn right, to KL turn left'. Anyway I was just trying to make sure.
There is no toll charged for the Mantin - Pajam stretch the until the end of the month. I think I only passed one car at this stretch. It was quite scarry, though. Luckily at the Mantin booth there were both toll operators and security guards.
I reached home around 1.10 am in the Saturday morning of 10th January 2009.


azlishukri said...

reunion ni memurahkan rezeki..kerana menyambung silaturrahim.

mem-Besar said...

salam!! sosek kat blog ni .. seremban kocik jer tapi tak pernah plak ternampak ..

sesekali jumpa kawan2 lama memang best .. dah macam2 shape dan gaya.

Mohd Noor said...

Salam Bg Maarof,

Hajat hati nak join tapi last minute tak dapek nak poi, ada tamu bertandang kek ghumah, dio call potang tu. 11.45 mlm baru dia orang balik.

InsyaAllah jumpa lagi at the next TT.

MNY, 72-79