Saturday, January 31, 2009

First gathering in the year for the Seremban group.

Right after attending my foster brother-in-law's wedding in the afternoon at Kg. Duyung, Melaka(see my previous post) I was back in Seremban. After a few hours rest I was at the Bunga Raya 2 Restaurant at Taipan, Senawang to meet my old school buddies.

This Taipan is different from the other Taipan in Selangor which was in the news.

These four are first timers. I only know Redza at the extreme left and Anuar Muhamad at the extreme right. Both are two years my junior at school. I introduced Anuar to this group and he was very happy. But he left after only an hour never realising that our meetings like this can last forever.

I think I look tired after my trip to Melaka.

It was a first time too for the other chap in yellow, Major Shamsudin from Siliau, Rantau. Photo credits to Dr. Khairun Nazar.

Lawyer Ibrahim at his usual talkative self. Bob in light green looked macho this time. Roslan at left is another ever present. At extreme right is Kamaruzaman a.k.a. Komando quite happy after organising the Reunion of Sorts at Putrajaya almost one month ago. Another shot from Dr. Khairun Nazar.

Forgot their names, please. Dr. Khairun Nazar's photo again.

That's Dr. Khairun Nazar with the camera.

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