Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Wrath of God?

"The Wrath of God" is the title of a 1972 film starring Robert Mitchum. I watched the movie in 1973 at the old Rex Theatre in Seremban, I think.

Although my dear wife Salmah is a full time housewife and thus not working there are things which she knows better than me. Especially when it comes to religious matters.

When we were performing our Haj in Makkah she was my advisor of sorts. Her knowledge of the Haj rituals is better than mine. This knowledge combined with my experience when mixing with big crowds made us a formidable combination there. To me the Haj was fun.

When parts of Indonesia were hit by catastrophes like the tsunami and earthquakes she was quick to say that these were signs that Allah is angry. Angry because many Indonesians are not practising the true Islam. In Makkah both of us saw Indonesian women wearing jeans entering the Holy Masjid. Please see my post about the earthquake in Padang, Indonesia.

So last Friday when I told her that there was a wedding ceremony at my favourite masjid complete with the bersanding ceremony she commented that it was wrong. It is normal for the akad nikah being performed inside a masjid or surau, but not the bersanding. Please see my previous post.

In this case the bersanding was done at the masjid balcony. But it can still be considered as part of the masjid because when the masjid is full this balcony can be used as the praying area.

Heavy rain hit Seremban last Friday night. There was a 'kereta berhias' procession right in front of my office culminating in a fireworks show. But we were not bothered. We just watched the fireworks from our house. When I went to sleep I just wished that my favourite masjid will not suffer any flooding.

I was shocked the next morning when I passed the Ulu Temiang area on my way for a wedding ceremony at Banting, Selangor. I saw people cleaning their flood hit houses. The masjid was not spared. I guessed the flood waters that reached the masjid were about one metre high.

Salmah who was with me simply commented "This is another sign of Allah's anger. Allah is angry because this place of worship was turned to a wedding ceremonial and receptions area".

This afternoon I consulted an office friend who is quite well versed with Islamic knowledge. I told him about the wedding complete with 'bersanding' and receptions. He simply said the 'akad nikah' is a religious obligation, thus it is allowed in a masjid. In fact it is encouraged this way.

But the 'bersanding' is a cultural obligation, thus is not proper when performed in a religious place like the masjid.

So Salmah is quite right when she said "Allah is angry".

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melayuangkat said...

Assalamualaikum Tuan,

Actually even the Akad Nikah if done in a mosque but follow the propher 'protocol', I mean we must make sure the ladies are properly dressed the Muslimat ways, cover their aurat etc and they are 'cleaned'. This is especially if done at the main prayers hall.

And if there are non Muslims guests or family member of the bride or groom, this is another issue to consider, if it is done in a mosque. They should be inform to 'dos' and the 'donts' once in the mosque. Because they may not know them.

The Bersanding is our culture and best done at home for many reason. The mosque is a public area and a place where people bow to Allah swt and not proper for such an occassions best celebrated with families, relatives and our friends.

On Allah being angry, WaAllahuAlam, even tough we can see the visible 'signs' as suggested by your Mrs.

On Football,

Kito Monang!!