Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thirteen wrongs do not make one right.

 I count one lorry and seven cars parked along the double yellow lines.

I count five cars parked along the double yellow lines. 

Thirteen, that's the number of vehicles, consisting of one small lorry and twelve cars parked illegally along both sides of Jalan Lintang in Seremban three days ago as my photos above show. Most of the vehicle owners were filling up their BR1M forms at the nearby LHDN office. What BR1M and LHDN are you can seek from the internet.

While during normal days nobody dared to park along this busy road, the authorities seem to close their eyes since the beginning of the month. I pass this area every day on my way to and fro my office. When in the past months the presence of a few traffic cops holding their summons books were a common sight here, I saw none of them for the past week. Where they've gone I never know. 

Still thirteen wrongs do not make one right.  

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