Sunday, February 3, 2013

I could have spoiled the party.

It began when my brother-in-law (my wife's kid brother) announced the date and place of his daughter's wedding reception. It would be a night function at a lakeside under tents or canopies, as they call them now. With that came the announcement that we family members were required to dress in white.

I have no problems with white shirts as I have plenty of them since they were a part of my working uniform. During my wedding when I was requested to wear a suit I wore my uniform shirt below the rented blazer. A few years back when my school mates required us to wear white shirts to remind us of school days I had no problem again. I came with my uniform shirt with my name embossed on it.

So I got very angry when my wife without consulting me bought a new white shirt on the eve of her brother's function for me to wear. To show my anger I refused to wear the new shirt and instead dug up my wardrobe to look for an old working uniform shirt. Never mind the shirt still have my name embossed on it. This would the third occasion when I had to unofficially wear part of my working uniform.

The wastage of a new useless shirt really affected my mood for the reception. Although I brought along two cameras, one DSLR kept on stand-by in the car and one handycam in my trousers, I did not take a single shot. This was unlike me when I went to weddings. At the very least I would take a photograph of the groom and bride. Not this time.

The bad mood also affected my food intake. When the guests were lining up for their food I just sipped a few drinks. Then I walked around. It was when I reached the end of the row of canopies that I saw something which could have spoiled the night's reception. 

The last canopy was occupied by a long table where the bride and groom would have their dinner. The groom's closest family members would also sit there. 'Makanan pengantin' or bridal food were laid bare on the long table. I was surprised that the food plates were not covered with any filament as they usually should be. Then I saw an undernourished brown cat on the table about to pounce on the food. 

On instinct I shooed the cat away. I had to do that a few times as the feline being kept coming back. Beside the stubborn cat I was alone because the other guests were filling up the canopies nearest to the entrance. The main table was totally unattended. Suddenly I thought I could cure my bad mood by just letting the cat have its wish. Then I could snap a few photos of the cat ravaging the bridal food and show the photos to my hosts. 

When I was quite certain that the cat would not come back I got a member of the catering staff to look after the main table. The first person I told about my recent antics was my wife. That cured my bad mood a bit. 

I could have spoiled the party, but I did not.        

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Al-Manar said...

It was all because your loving wife had bought you a new shirt. I would have a pang of regret later if I did that - to make up!