Saturday, July 5, 2008

Poor Bala

Things happening in the past few days remind me of a scene from The Godfather Part II. The Godfather was facing a US Senate Commitee for being involved in organised criminal activities. The case was made more serious in that he was suspected to be a Don or Godfather to a crime family.

The Senate Committee used the services of the FBI in their investigations. Some witnesses had already testified. The Godfather then made a sort of statutary declaration that he was innocent of all the charges. This would make things become even worse for him if he was found guilty as he would be charged for an additional charge of perjury.

The FBI had already obtained under their custody another crime family head just below the rank of Don. His post was known as Caporegime. This Caporegime was once working under the Godfather but he was somehow tricked into believing that he was betrayed by the latter. The FBI then obtained a sworn statement from this Caporegime telling all he knew about the Godfather. The Godfather smelled this betrayal and treachery due to him having some government people under his payroll. He then got hold of the Caporegime's brother who was living in Sicily and brought him for the hearings. Once the brother entered the hearing room he looked hard towards his Caporegime sibling who was ready to go to the winess stand.

When the time came for the Caporegime to answer questions he shocked everyone by denying everything he wrote in the sworn statement he gave to the FBI. When pressed as to why he made the sworn statement in the first place and eventually signing it he answered that he was just giving what the FBI wanted. "But they were all lies" he said.

The hearings were abruptly adjourned. The Godfather was a free man but the Caporegime was still being detained by the FBI. The Godfather was still worried beause as long as the Caporegime was still alive he was considered a threat. So the Godfather sent his lawyer to visit the Caporegime in the FBI detention centre. The lawyer indirectly told the Caporegime to commit suicide. That's what the Caporegime eventually did.

The Godfather found out later that the Senate Committee hearings was orchestrated by his enemy who was pretending to be his business partner. He got that man killed too.

Poor Bala, as a policeman once he should be watching movies like The Godfather instead of Bollywood tearjerkers.

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