Sunday, March 31, 2013

Let the assassins wait and sweat.

At the end of the movie 'Assassins' the number 1 assassin was withdrawing a large sum of money from a bank. Knowing this, the number 2 assassin waited for him, a long range sniper rifle at hand ready to assassinate him the moment he comes out of the bank. The plan is simple, with the number 1 assassin eliminated number 2 will become number 1. The withdrawn money is a bonus. 

But number 1 is aware of number 2's plan. So he leaves number 2 waiting and sweating inside a derelict building. At one moment number 2 even enters the bank to make sure number 1 is there. Of course nobody except the security guards can bring weapons inside a bank. The two assassins even have a chat with number 1 cool as ever and number 2 shaking and yes, sweating.

I think something similar is happening in this country. Our very own number 1 assassin, the Prime Minister, is eagerly awaited by many to announce the dissolution of parliament to pave the way for the nation's next general election. The most eager waiters are his rival assassins or would be assassins. They know that once the number 1 assassin is eliminated, one of them will become number 1.

I have to use the word assassins here because there are many people in this country who do not  deserve to exist. So the only way to eliminate of them is by assassinations, through the ballot box of course. 

But the Prime Minister is letting his would assassins wait and at the same time sweat.  

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