Monday, January 13, 2014

What's so funny about the kangkung?

When I was small my mother used to ask me to pluck kangkung leaves to cook. So I went to our padi field and pluck any amount I felt like taking home. The kangkung was free and abundant. Even if our family was to eat kangkung every day of the year we will never finish them. 

I never complained about getting my feet wet in getting the raw vegetables to eat, simply because I enjoyed and still enjoy eating the kangkung. Every week now my wife and I go the local Pasar Tani to buy a week's supply of vegetables, fish and meat. The kangkung is almost a must buy article. 

I like the kangkung sold at the Pasar Tani since it is the wet type, the same type I used to eat when small.  It grows wild in swamps and padi fields. There is another type of kangkung being grown on dry land. It must be cut when it reaches a height of thirty centimeters or so. Although my wife used to buy this type of kangkung from the local market I don't like as much as I like the kampung kangkung being sold at the Pasar Tani.

So I was puzzled when people make fun of the kangkung just because the Prime Minister mentioned it in one of his speeches. 

Making fun of the kangkung is not funny at all, at least to me.



Abdul Hamid Hussin said...

Sey suko kangkung goreng mo ikan bilih tumbuk....tapi apo lak oghang ngejek2 an PM ngan kangkung ni....sey miss komen eh

Anonymous said...

Orang sekarang dah terlalu mewah. Kangkung pula harganya murah dan mungkin bukan pilihan utama orang sekarang semasa membeli sayur. Jadi ramailah orang akan memandang sinis pada kangkung tu, apalagi apabila ada pula pemimpin nombor satu negara yang bercakap tentangnya. Kalau kita nie duduk kat kemboja, rasanya mungkin tak adalah sampai tahap kangkung diperlekehkan sebegini rupa.