Friday, August 26, 2016

When roses are not rosy - Part II

Having the experience sniffing the first eROSES I had no problem in filling the data for my second NGO. This time around there were no yellow coloured letters. Another difference is my second NGO is a branch of a bigger NGO based in Kuala Lumpur. The Secretary General there had instructed all his branch Secretaries to migrate all branches to the eROSES program. I have to admit that I was among the earliest branch Secretaries to fulfill his instructions.

The first thing I found out when sniffing the second eROSES was that although my office had shifted and there were letters sent by the Secretary General, and me informing the local ROS about this, the records at the ROS office did not confirm this. Only then I learned that changes involving any associations's addresses must be decided during a committee or annual general meeting and the ROS informed duly. For this purpose the Secretary of any NGO must go the local ROS office and pay RM 10.00. Online payment or payment through a third body like the Post Office is not allowed.

Imagine an NGO like a housing estate association in Gemas having to shift address simply because it has a new chairman staying at a different address from the former chairman. Somebody has to go the ROS office in Seremban just to pay RM 10.00.

Having gone to the ROS office and having paid RM 10.00 and my Secretary General receving an email saying that my application for address change was approved I was called in person by the local ROS for a minor glitch. And you know what? They sent the letter to my old office address. Luckily my NGO's phone number remains the same and they managed to talk to me, otherwise I would receive another yellow letter.

Bringing along printed the email approving my address transfer I asked a ROS officer there why were they still sending letters to my old office which had become a rat haven? There were red faces around and the officer asked members of her staff to check the eROSES program looking for any approval for my address change. They found none. I sat there thinking I was called by them for a minor glitch. But they themselves were now facing a major glitch. So much for the eROSES.

A few days later I received a phone call from the same ROS office. A lady there said they still could not find any approval for my address change. She further asked me to keep a copy of the email send to my Secretary General approving the transfer in case somebody pops up at my office asking whether my association is a legal one or not.

Then using my Secretary General's identification and password I managed to get the approval letter from the eROSES program through my office's computer and printed three copies. One copy I keep on display at my office, another copy I filed inside my ROS file and the third copy I brought to the ROS office showing them something which belonged to them but they could not find.

To be continued.........

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