Friday, August 26, 2016

When roses are not rosy - Part III

Having committed impersonations illegally (creating identifications and passwords for past Secretaries of my first NGO) and legally with consent (using my second NGO's Secretary General's identification and password) I thought it was time to go legit as they say it in the criminal world. For my second NGO I am the State Secretary under the Secretary General at national level. At the same time I have seven District Secretaries under me. 

I asked the District Secretaries whether they could use the eROSES program. None of them could. Before this after every Annual General Meeting (AGM) each District Secretary would sent their annual report, a copy of he AGM minutes and a list of current committee members to my office. My predecessor would send these forms to our head office in Kuala Lumpur who would send it the ROS office there. But now with the eROSES it is a different story. It is easy albeit mind boggling for those who know, but a nightmare for those who do not.

So I called one officer in charge of the eROSES program at the ROS headquarters in Putrajaya. I told him that my NGO is an association whose members are government pensioners. We are not an association for government pensioners like the association for the blind whose members are not blind. I told him we are at least 60 years old and most of us know nothing about the computer. Most of us do not have emails either.

So I told him unlike me, it is impossible for my District Secretaries to use the eROSES program. Like most government servants whose motto is 'Saya yang menurut perintah' or 'Your obedient servant' he was dumbfounded as what to do. So I suggested something similar to what I had done to my first NGO, that is I impersonate my District Secretaries. Se he replied if I was willing to the take risk it is alright with him. But he added my friends should be told about this. I replied that's not a problem.

So for the past few years I had been using the eROSES program for nine associations although it is far from rosy. This is proven a few years ago when I went to my headquarters in Kuala Lumpur. I was discussing the eROSES with a member of the staff there. Suddenly she opened  the page for our association's main body. We were shocked to see that the names of our national committee members were replaced by names from another state.

She called the Secretary of or association for that state. The Secertary replied that he did not do it. He gave his association's data to the ROS people in that state who said they could do it for him. Instead of helping him the ROS staff made a mess of their own eROSES program.

So if the ROS people themselves do not know about their department's own computerised program do they expect us to know better?

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