Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Let him get what he wants

I am not going to mention names because anybody who reads this knows what or who am I talking about.

For the past five months this country was facing uncertainty. There were allegations, counter allegations, statutory declarations, rebuttal of statutory allegations, oaths, swearing and so on. Somehow almost all are connected to this man. But the real victims are the men on the street, people like you and me.

Like everybody else this man has got ambitions. Who else does not, although our ambitions are nothing compared to his. His enemies are throwing everything to prevent him from achieving this grand ambition. But somehow he managed to outdo them. His latest step or rather leap was yesterday when he won a by-election.

I think it is futile for the men in power in trying to further stop him. He knows he has the support of the masses. They can say anything about him but very few will believe. They can say that he will destroy the country. But the fact is the men in power has already destroyed the country, so what further destruction can he do?

He had been saying about defections. If you read mafia books or watch their movies after a war the losers will support the winner to avoid total elimination. Well, he hasn't really won. His coalition is still the opposition at federal level. But looking at things this coalition is gaining ground every day. This situation is supported by the fact that our present chief executive is simply a lame duck who does not seem to have control over his own men. So if anybody is going to defect this is the best time otherwise he or she will be eliminated.

What I and everybody else want is for the country to move in the right track again. At this moment there is confusion every where. We don't know where we are going. Is it forward, at stand still or worst backwards. Our Merdeka celebrations are around the corner but I hardly see flags anywhere. So with the people's decision yesterday I hove everybody comes to senses and we move on forward.

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