Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reunion Dinner 2009

Last Saturday was one of the happiest moments of my life. I met a few of my friends whom I last saw in 1967, forty-two years ago. The function was our Alumni Annual Dinner. It was held at the Puspanitapuri Hall, Putrajaya. Pictures speak a thousand words, they say. So I just let the pictures do the talking, with little notes of my own.

The first person I met was Ismail Mustaffa from Kelantan. I took this photo in the surau. I still had 'air sembahyang' on my chin. In the 'Class of 62' photo at the bottom of my blog Ismail was seated at extreme right. His face is still chubby.

Our guest of honour, former Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir arriving.

Tun Dr. Mahathir shaking hands with my fellow school mates. His hands are not shaky, though.

Tun Dr. Mahathir and wife sitting at the main table.

Tun Dr. Mahathir giving his speech. This is the third time I took pictures of Tun.

In the centre is my 'Class of 62' teacher, Mr. Leonard Wee. Everybody loves him.

Another photo of Tun Dr. Mahathir speaking below the picture of our imposing school badge. My friend Hodori told of a story about the badge. He was riding an LRT wearing the badge when somebody asked him "Are you a member of any royal family?". Hodori replied "No, why". "Because of the yellow colour" was the reply.

Fans of Tun Dr. Mahathir sharing a photograph with him. My batch members were among them.

Showtime. Professor Jamaludin Mat playing bass guitar.

My batch members. From left Latif Mas'od, Salim Sabino, Md. Shah Bachik, Raja Shahrom, Ismail Latif, Ismail Mustaffa and Husin Bachik. I think Husin was not advised as what to wear for this occasion.

Kopratasa singing. At centre is Mohd. Shah Ibrahim, my junior schoolmate.

Hodori playing lead guitar with Gen. Rani looking.

Ali Che' Din playing drums.

Hodori playing Santana's 'Gypsy Queen' with Hamdan Haji Idris looking.

From left Abu Fatah Sanusi, Gen. Jaffar, Ismail Mustaffa, Wan Ismail and Hashim Kassim. Except for Ismail all are my juniors.

Ismail Latif with Latif Mas'od.

Zainal Abidin Enon and Mokhtar Muhammad, surviving members of The Flanders. They were just one year senior to me. Drummer Punawan could not come because his daughter got married during the day.

Raja Shahrom, Salim Sabino and Latif Mas'od. Raja was thin in school while Salim and Latif remain thin as ever.

Mokhtar Muhammad playing rhythm guitar.

Zainal Abidin Enon playing the keyboards.

Md. Shah Bachik, Dr. Hilmi Yahya, Adnan Saat and Professor Wan Kadir.

Ismail Mustaffa, Ismail Latif, Salim Sabino, Latif Mas'od and Raja Shahrom.

Me shooting video. Picture courtesy of Dr. Khairun Nazar.

My batch students. From left: Ismail Mustaffa (Kelantan), Raja Shahrom (Juasseh, NS), Md. Shah Bachik (Gemencheh, NS), Latif Mas'od (Johor), Adnan Saat (Johor), Maarof Kassim(Jelebu, NS), Ibrahim Moideen (Rembau, NS), Husin Bachik (Merlimau, Melaka), Wan Kadir (Kelantan) and Salim Sabino (Johor). Ibrahim is the one who got us together. Picture courtesy of Dr. Khairun Nazar.

From left: Ali Hashim, Shuib Samah, Zainal Mubarik Zainudin, Muhamad Abdullah, Dr. Azahar Idris, Maarof Kassim and Yahya Pakih. I was senior to all of them. Picture courtesy of Dr. Khairun Nazar.

Last and not least I give credit to the man second from right. He is my junior Mohd. Nor Yahya who was the organising chairman for this dinner. Without he and his committee's efforts things would not run smoothly. Picture courtesy of Dr. Khairun Nazar.

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Mohd Noor said...

Salam Bang Maarof,

You make me feel 10 feet tall (4 feet taller than I actually am). It's the least I can do for our beloved alma mater. Tenguk seniors and juniors ramai ramai made me feel we were school boys again and rasa berbaloi tidur tak cukup selama a couple of weeks before the event.

I nak ambik kesempatan to make one correction. Gambar yang second last, between Bros Shuib Abu Samah and Muhammad Abdullah (Madolah B) is not Wan Zaid but Zainal Mubarik Zainudin aka Shidut. He is from C77and one of the dinner AJK.

Notwithstanding the above small anomaly, it's very difficult to disagree with you that a picture is worth a thousand words and the photos yang you ambil ni will be kept for posterity and remembrance. Rgds