Sunday, June 6, 2010

I am too old for this shit.

That line is spoken in all the four 'Lethal Weapon' films by Danny Glover starring Mel Gibson and Danny as a couple of cops working in partnership. Mel Gibson plays the younger Martin Riggs who is the 'lethal weapon'. Danny Glover is the older and about to retire Roger Murtaugh who had to cope with his younger partner's antics. This is where Danny Glover finds himself too old for Mel Gibson's shits.

Danny Glover speaks the same line again when he plays a cameo role in 'Maverick' which stars Mel Gibson. When they meet briefly in the film where Danny Glover robs a bank managed by Mel Gibson's friend they show signs of wondering where they had seen the other fellow. The answer is of course the 'Lethal Weapon' films.

Last weekend my wife's family had their family gathering at a resort in Bagan Lalang, Selangor. Details are here. Except for a few absentees with valid reasons we were all there with our spouses, children and grandchildren. We had prayers, games both outdoor and indoor and topped by a barbecue with a karaoke session and a fashion show.

The young ones especially the teenagers and kids were the ones who really enjoyed the events. But somehow I felt lost. The only moments when I enjoyed myself were when I took dips into the sea fronting the resort.

I thought of singing a few karaoke songs during the final night. But suddenly I realised between my songs I would be listening to songs I don't normally listen. In the meantime the others would be listening to my songs which are foreign to them. So I returned to my room and surfed the snail speed Internet. Then I went to sleep.

Maybe I am tool old for all those shit.   

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kaykuala said...

Assalamualaikum Akhi Maarof,
We're not old for anything. It is only in the mind. This is my first foray into your blog with a comment.

I had visited your blog every so often. Both of ours are on the blog-roll of my close buddy's blog of Dalu Dalu ( see'birdhouse'

What interests me was your family gathering that you had recently. (had already taken a look at Titisan Terimba ) We had ours sometime ago. It was refreshing.

What was most convenient was that we were all connected under The relationships were automatically generated online between individuals in the family.
It facilitates a lot of sharings facebook style of news, photos & videos all within the family (not accessible to non-family members) Try it if u haven't.
kaykuala aka Hank