Monday, October 3, 2011

My Pulp Fiction

He knew from the beginning that she is somebody's wife but they become friends in cyberspace through a social website. They chatted through the internet almost every day but from their chats he realised that it was more than friendship she was looking after. There were times when the chats turned a little bit steamy but he managed to control them.

He later learned that she was having marital problems and she was determined to leave her spouse. She still is. Perhaps she was looking for somebody to fill the vacuum in her life. From the beginning he was giving signals that he is not the kind of person fit to fill the void. He is too old for that shit, borrowing Danny Glover's words from the Lethal Weapon  films. Nevertheless their friendship turned cordial and she regarded him like her own brother although he could not find words to describe her.

Eventually it turned out that she had found somebody she was looking for. She deactivated her social network account to the puzzlement of all her cyber space friends including initially him. But now that she has regarded him as he own brother she had created a new account with very limited friends, him included.

But his presence had created some misunderstanding. Her new beau got the message that her so called foster brother is actually her new beau. Her explanations were not heeded by by the beau. So she pleaded with him to explain things to her beau. 

Suddenly it downed to him that somebody's happiness depends very much upon him. She said she does not love him. It did not surprise him because his feelings towards her are reciprocal. She begged him to explain everything to her beau. 

That he did.  

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