Friday, November 6, 2015

"All my life I was involved in crimes".

The arrest of four persons from a family from Tapah, Perak supected of committing multiple murders reminds me of one chap I happened to know in Seremban.

I was rather forced to know him when he opened a vehicle repair workshop next to the then Magistrate's Court in Seremban, of all places. (The court had since shifted to Seremban 2). When I told him he could not just simply open a workshop anywhere since the local authority (where I worked) has a policy where workshops can be operated, he almost cried. 

He said all his life he was involved in crimes and had been in and out of jail a few times. Now he wanted to earn a decent legitimate living, but here I was trying to stop him. He said nobody wanted to hire a person with criminal records like him. So he had to fork his own living and repairing motor vehicles was the only skill he had.

I told him had he opened his workshop anywhere else I would had spared him somehow. Maybe I would issue him a compound every few months just to please my boss, But he was operating a workshop next to the Magistrate's Court. I happened to be the local authority's acting prosecuting officer then and among the cases I brought to court were people operating illegal workshops. I was afraid if the Magistrate suddenly asked 'What about the workshop next door?'

So I prepared my complain, charge sheet and summons and submitted them to the local authority's legal department. I also spoke to our legal officer about the accused, especially his claims that he was a criminal and all that. But somehow the case was submitted to the court and registered.

Just a few days before the case was to be mentioned in the court by yours truly, I received a phone call from my legal officer. He wanted the case to be dropped. That I duly did.

I never knew what really happened. Did the workshop operator came to my office and pleaded with my bosses? Did he see the Magistrate next door to his workshop and the Magistrate communicated with my office? I never asked.

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