Sunday, December 13, 2015

What are Najib and Muhyiddin going to do to each other now?

Vito Corleone, the original Godfather had three sons and a daughter. When he was shot and hospitalised, his eldest son Santino was made acting Godfather. But while Vito was recuperating, Santino was shot and killed. So Santiono's reign was brief. Vito then appointed his third son Michael as his successor, by-passing his second son Fredo. When Vito died Michael became the new Godfather.

Dr. Mahathir, the original Prime Minister had sacked three of his deputies before appointing Pak Lah as his fourth and final deputy. When Dr. Mahathir resigned Pak Lah became Prime Minister. Pak Lah then chose Najib who is younger than Muhyiddin as his deputy. Pak Lah's reign was brief. When he resigned Najib became Prime Minister and appointed  Muhyiddin as his deputy.

Fredo was pissed of being by-passed. He helped his brother's enemies in a plot to kill him. The plot failed but initially Michael was not aware of his own brother's treachery. When Michael eventually realised this, he sacked Fredo from the family's business but still allowed him to visit their mother. 

Muhyiddin was pissed because being older he has no chance of being Prime Minister unless Najib is ousted. So he collaborated with Dr. Mahathir, of all people in trying to get rid of Najib. The plot failed and Najib knew straight away about Muhyiddin's treachery. The punishment was sacking Muhyiddin from the cabinet. But Muhyiddin was nat sacked from UMNO, the party where Dr. Mahathir, Najib and Muhyiddin belong to. So Muhyiddin is still Najib's deputy in the party, although not in the cabinet.

Sister Connie was sad that her two remaining brothers are now enemies. So on the day of their mother's death she pleaded Michael to forgive Fredo. So beside their mother's body in the coffin and in fromt of the whole family Michael and Fredo embraced. But it was all a farce.

Members of UMNO are sad that their two top leaders are now enemies. So during the party's annual convention they pleaded for them to make up. So at the end of the convention and in front of thousands of  UMNO members and shown live on national television Najib and Muhyiddin shook hands. Was it a farce?

Because Michael then ordered the killing of his own brother, Fredo.

Because there is still the question of what are Najib and Muhyidding going to do to each other now?

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