Monday, September 12, 2011

When it is worth spending a bit more.

I try to avoid our tolled expressways when travelling by car. I don't mind being delayed by minor traffic jams as long as I reach my destinations safely.

In the last two days I was in the Klang Valley visiting my and my wife's relatives for the Hari Raya. On Saturday afternoon I was stuck in the traffic jam in the road connecting the Lekas and KL-Kajang highways. Then I had to endure the slow moving traffic along MRR2 from Cheras to my brother-in-laws house in Ulu Kelang. After that I had to join the MRR2 again to go to my late brother's house in Selayang. The traffic movement was even slower here.

After Selayang I went to my daughter's house in Saujana Utama to spend the night there. This time my son-in-law was driving. But it took us more than half an hour to join the MRR2 from the Kepong junction. Again the traffic on the MRR2 was slow moving until Kg. Paya Jaras. Only from there did I feel relieved on watching normal traffic flow.

The next morning was my visit to my daughter's in-laws in Shah Alam. The traffic was smooth all the way. From there I was going for my last visit for the weekend. This time it was another brother-in-law's house in Ampang.

I asked for directions from my GPS navigator and as usual it gave me the shortest route possible. But the route had to pass Kuala Lumpur's city centre and from my experience the day before and I knew it was a hell of a thing to do. So I decided to override the navigator.

I used the tolled expressways instead and it was smooth driving all the way from Shah Alam to Ampang. My GPS navigator kept giving me reminders but I just ignored it. Luckily it was not human, otherwise I would have told it to shut up. 

Even on the way back to Seremban I used the SILK expressway bypassing Kajang town. Again I did this based on my experience the day before.

On times like these it is worth spending a bit more for the tolls.

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