Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Mass Media at Work

Yesterday I had an opportunity to witness the mass media at work. They were invited by a family for a press conference to clarify gossips that their footballer son has married an actress.

I don't want to report about the press conference because these people are the experts on that. I just want to report on how they did their work.

Relaxing and making adjustments to their tools before the press conference. It is quite rare to see ladies handling the video camera. I wonder from where did she get the shirt? It has the black, red and yellow stripes which are our state colours.

The conference is on. Everybody is busy.

Some are shooting while the rest are taking notes.

They are engrossed at their work.

I think they must be busy. Some of them just left after the conference without accepting the light refreshments offered by the family.

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