Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Reunion of Sorts

I call this post A Reunion of Sorts because not only we had an old students and teachers reunion dinner it was also a reunion of sorts for three of our school bands. The function was held at Dewan Sri Siantan, Perbadanan Putrajaya on 26th December 2008. Photo credits go to Ribut of and Dr. Khairun Nazar.

We are bound by this powerful motto.

Me at the registration table. I forgot what I was talking about.

I found it hard to pin the small school badge to my shirt.

No problem for this guy though.

This is Ribut who has become a professional photographer based at Kuantan.

The ever present Madolah with the white cap. He is talking to classmate Muhammad Deris who still looks the same.

Another ever present, Kol. Razak who never fails to bring his wife and daughter along. Wife and daughter must have understood and tolerated our moods when meeting old friends like in this occasion.

My one senior Mokhtar Muhammad at right with his son. More of Mokhtar later.

Since I didn't come in a group I was told to sit at this table. I was seated with youngsters who had just left the school in 2007. To my left is Madolah's son.

The Bands.

1. The Flanders and Nada Suara.

The highlights of the night was a reunion of sorts for three of the school bands, two from Tanjung Malim, Perak and one from Seremban, Negeri Sembilan. The bands from Tanjung Malim are The Flanders and Nada Suara from the 60s era and from Seremban The Bluesbreakers of the 70s era.

Since not all members of the Flanders and Nada Suara were present the two groups were teamed together.

The Flanders survivors. At the left is Mokhtar Muhammad and at the right Zainal Abidin Enon. Mokhtar was nicknamed Wak Kentol for reasons I don't know why. At school Wak Kentol played rhythm guitar while Zainal Enon played a home made bass guitar. Home made because it was produced at the school's woodwork classroom. Wak Kentol and Zainal Enon are just one year my senior.

Wak Kentol playing bass this time.

Zainal Enon playing keyboards. There were no keyboards during school then.

Nada Suara's Ali before being called to play.

Drummer Ali in action.

Nada Suara's lead guitarist Hodori Sarbini and The Flanders' Wak Kentol having a good time.

Hodori playing The Shadow's 'Theme for Young Lovers'. He must be dreaming of being Hank Marvin.

Nada Suara's Md. Shah playing rhythm guitar.

Hamdan Idris singing Kassim Selamat's 'La O Be'

Dato' General Rani singing L. Ramlee's 'Dara Pujaan'. Wak Kentol had changed to a blue guitar.

I am partly hidden behind the VIPs.

2. The Bluesbreakers.

This group was formed in Seremban in the seventies. I don't know about them until now. From their name they sing mostly blues numbers.

This is Kamarulzaman alias Komando singing Uriah Heeps' 'Sunrise'. Komando is the organising chairman for this reunion dinner.

BB's guitarist. Don't know his name though.

BB's Nasir Yunus.

Mustafa alias Linggam singing Joe Cocker's version of The Beatles' 'With a Little Help From My Friends'. I met Mustafa at a wedding function in Kuala Pilah the next day. What a small world.

BB's drummer and singer Dr. Zaiki. I hear he is University Dean somewhere.

BB's keyboardist Rosli Yem. He is dressed like a rocker.

Last and not least me and fellow blogger Md. Shah Khalid. He blogs at

We were so happy with this reunion of sorts that we have planned to have the next reunion at the same place, same date and same time in 2009.


Unknown said...

Brother Maarof,

Wak Kentol tu nama sebenarnya Mohd Mokhtar Mohamad bukan Zainal Mohamad

Anonymous said...

Brother Tn Hj Maarof,

Tk info dan gambar. Saya nak hadir tapi apa nak buat dah bertandang ke PP ke rumah besan pada hari tu. Sedikit pembetulan....Wak Kentol tu Mokhtar Muhamad. Zainal Muhammad ialah Zainal Manager juga classmate Mokhtar Mohamad. Zainal Muhamad ni my dormate room 1 Rumah Sultan. Kita gelar dia Zainal Manager sebab dia suka book tiket panggung Rex bila ada je member2 nak tengok wayang. Cerita fasal filem nak2 cerita James Bond, Cowboy ke dia nilah kaki bercerita.
Seronok juga tengok gambar2 ni. Tengok gambar Md Ali kalau jumpa kat mana2 entahlah berani tegur ke tidak. Berubah betul kalau dah jadi orang veteran ni.Walhal dia tu my classmate.
Sekali lagi saya ucapkan tk. InsyaAllah saya akan ke rumah tn Hj tak tahulah bila. Penat kenduri dan travelling belum hilang lagi.

MBA, Sg Jelok Kajang

maarofkassim said...

Thanks bros Md Shah and MBA A. Sometimes I got confused.

Mshah said...

Brother Maarof,
Nice meeting you at the dinner. Everytime we met just a short hello. Hope to have longer chat next time probably at a smaller gathering like Malacca breakfast session. I am enjoying my first month as YB. Still tying loose end so not much blogging lately. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Bang Maarof, dalam gambar where you are partly hidden (slide 20, I think), let me name those yang I cam.

Sitting from right to left: Datuk Abdul Rahman Yeop, Tan Sri Isa Samad and Ustaz Maher

Standing behind from right to left: Darussalam Baharom, tak ingat nama, Manaf Rashid, Fuzi Jaru, Bang Maarof, tak ingat nama, Ribut, Nasir Ismail @ lakiboy @ Pintu Geng, Syed Nazim, Hashim Idris and Mastor Mat Ariff (cmdr UTK yang testify kat Altantuya's trial).

Md Nor