Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Toffee and choc ice.

I had an Indian subordinate in my my office. For an Indian he was quite dark and big in size too. One day I was introduced by him to a Chinese friend who was a member of the public. During our brief conversation this Chinese friend referred my Indian subordinate as 'Toffee'. My subordinate seemed not to bother about this. But when I looked at him I said to myself "Yeah, he looks like a toffee himself".

But when I thought deeply I realised that referring my Indian friend as 'Toffee' was in fact a racial slur. I would never accept it if somebody called me 'Hash Brown' just because of the colour of my skin. I am sad to say that this Indian friend was dismissed from service due to disciplinary reasons. Nevertheless I am glad it was not due to the colour of his skin or his body size. He shied away from his friends, including me since.

Now we hear about a football player calling another football player 'choc ice' which means a black man who  thinks he is white. This was after another footballer had been found not guilty for uttering racial slurs while playing football. 

Suddenly I think about my Indian friend. I wonder where my Indian friend is now. Oh yes, I never called him 'Toffee'. 

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