Friday, July 6, 2012

The doctor knows best.

I was not feeling well since Monday. On Tuesday morning I made my condition worse by walking uphill six times towards the water reservoir in front of my house. At the end of the walk my limb muscles were aching.

At the same time I felt a slight pain in my neck. On closer inspection I saw a little lump on the neck. When I showed this to my wife she told stories of people she knows who had their necks operated on. I then went to the government health clinic only one kilometer away from my house and asked to see a doctor.

The nurse at the counter asked what my problem was and  how long it had existed. When I told her everything she replied on cases like these the doctor would require for my blood samples to be taken. Unfortunately this health clinic which was just being upgraded from a maternal and child health clinic do not have a laboratory at the moment. So she suggested that I go to the main government health clinic across town which have the laboratory facilities.

So off I went to the other clinic. The thought of my blood samples being taken and then my neck being operated on had me worried. Fortunately I did not have to wait for so long to see a doctor at this clinic. I don't think this was because I am a senior citizen because the doctor asked me what I do for a living. Maybe the reason is there are now four government clinic in town, not to mention the 1Malaysia clinics. 

The doctor did the usual checks and told me not to worry and gave his prescription. I did spend more than 30 minutes there and I am feeling better now.

The doctor knows best.  

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azhar said...

Semoga Allah memberikan ni'mat kesihatan kpd Tuan Hj dan semua saudara seIslam. Insya Allah. Amiiin.