Monday, May 26, 2008

Don't judge a book by the cover

Just last week I was involved in a star rating inspection of two hotels in Seremban. Star ratings for hotels are given by the Ministry of Tourism. Normally inspections ares done by officials of the Ministry itself, the Local Authority, the Hotels Association and the Fire Department. . A few weeks before the inspection the ministry would send us their program and at the same time asking us to send the name of our official. My name had been sent a few times and I had been inspecting hotels as far as Kuala Pilah and Port DIckson.

I had a bad experience with the official from the Hotels Association before when its representative was trying to show her weight around. Yes, it was a she. This time they send a man and his calling cards tells me that he is a hotel manager in Port Dickson. But he does not look like a hotel manager at all and I was expecting the same bad experience.

But to my surprise he happened to be the opposite of what I thought of him initially. He showed his talents in hotel management and instead of criticing the hotels we inspected (like the lady before) he gave good advice. He even told the management of the hotels we inspected where to get cheap quality hotel materials like curtains and bed sheets. He was really trying to improve the hotel industry, his industry.
Even at this age I realise that I still have a lot to learn. I cannot judge a man just by his looks.

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