Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip to Terengganu

I and Salmah went to Cendering, Kuala Terengganu to attend a wedding last weekend. The bride is a office mate of mine. Since nobody in the office was willing to take the long trip there I offered to go. Most of the hotels in Terengganu were booked because of the SUKMA games so we had to stay in Kuantan. Since I haven't been to Pekan, Pahang for some time I decided to pay the royal town a visit. It was a first time for Salmah too.

A visit to any royal town is not complete without visiting the Palace. Here is Salmah in front of the Sultan of Pahang's Palace, Pekan.

Here she is in front of the Polo Course. I hear the Tengku Mahkota, Tengku Abdullah is a good Polo rider.

Salmah wanted to eat Patin fish. But we were contended to have or lunch at this Pekan restaurant. It is clean, though.

Here we are with the girl (oops, no more). We came around noon and was told that the bersanding would be at 3.00 pm. So we missed meeting the groom because we had to return home.

Just to prove that we were there during the SUKMA event.

Actually this is a surau at the Batu Buruk Beach. The boy there was about to perform his ablution.

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