Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Politics and Crime

Initially I don't want to write anything about politics in my blog. Simply because I am not a member of any political party. But I cannot simply ignore reading, watching or hearing about events happening in this country.

One of my hobbies is watching movies. I think it started during my secondary school days in in Sekolah Dato' Abdul Razak (SDAR) Tanjung Malim where we had a movie shown to us every week in the school's hall Dewan Rahman Talib named after a former Minister of Education. Among my favourite movies are The Godfather Trilogy. If you access this website http://www.imdb.com/ you will see that The Godfather is the current top ranking movie. The Godfather Part II comes third. If you don't know already the Godfather movies are about an organised crime organisation the Mafia whose members are immigrants from the island of Sicily, Italy. If The Godfather is fiction, onother movie about the Mafia, Goodfellas is not. It is a true story.

What I like most from these movies are the words spoken by the characters. Unforgettable examples are "I'll make an offer he won't refuse" and "Keep you friends close, your enemies closer". But my favourite is "Politics and crime, they are the same". There is also a sentence from the film Forrest Gump when a doctor mentions about the young Forrest Gump "His bones are crooked like a politician". When I look at things happening today especially in this country I cannot stop thinking how true they are.

The Mafia kill their enemies. Politicians also kill their enemies, although not literally. The Pakatan Rakyat won the recent elections because they were united under the saying "Your enemies' enemy is your friend". Who need enemies if not criminals. Now they call themselves Pakatan. When we talk about 'berpakat' in Malay we always associate it with negative intentions like the football players 'berpakat' or conpire to loose games. I saw an old Malay movie (forgot the name) where the first and second wives 'berpakat' so that their husband (played by Daeng Idris) hate his new bride. So Tun Dr. Mahathir is right when he said the real meaning of Pakatan is 'conspirators'.

So when Tun Dr. Mahathir quit UMNO I can only say that he is finally freeing himself from crime.

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