Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to Seri Bulan, Port Dickson

Saturday 10th May 2008 and Sunday 11th May 2008

We went to the Seri Bulan Apartment last Saturday. An apartment on the sixth floor belongs to my department, the Seremban Municipal Council. I had booked for the rights to rent this apartment in January 2008. This apartment is normally booked by our staff during the weekends so as you can see you have to make an early booking.

Halimi, Zura and Fahim could not make it, but I brought Danial along. He really had a good time with Haziq. In fact we could hear Haziq's shouts aound the swimming pool from the sixth floor apartment. Dinner was thrown by Miza at a 'Sea Food' restaurant nearby. The food is quite okay. But why call it a 'sea food' restaurant when they have 'land food' like chicken and beef?

On the way back we saw a fire beside the Seremban - Port Dickson highway. The place is a store for recycled papers and plastics. I had been to this place earlier during my works. The entrance is from the federal Seremban - Port Dickson road just after Kg. Bemban as you go towards Port Dickson. Recyling is good for the environment. But in this case the smoke the from the fire had damaged the environment instead.

The apartment with the big swimming pool.

Another view

Haziq and Danial playing with Haziq's little boat!

The ladies

The fire. This photo appeared in the 'thumbnails' section of The Star on Tuesday 13th May 2008.

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